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    As Editor


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    Other journal publications

    Setchell, J.M., Fernandez-Duque, E. Higham, J.P., Rothman, J.M., Schulke, O. 2016. Editorial: Changes and clarifications to the policies of the International Journal of Primatology to promote transparency and open communication.

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    Gorilla Journal 37: 12-14

  • Eve Cooper


    Postdoctoral Researcher, 2020-present


    Contact Information

    e-mail: eve.cooper@nyu.edu

    twitter: @EcoEvoEve

    Research Interests
    I am broadly interested in understanding the proximate and ultimate mechanisms driving between-individual variation in aging and senescence. As a member of the NYU Primatology lab, I’ll be investigating how social connectedness and social status influence the aging process, and especially immunosenescence (age-related deterioration of the immune system) using the free-ranging population of rhesus macaques in Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico.



    2020 Ph.D. Biology, Australian National University

    2016 B.S. (honours) Environmental Science, University of Guelph




    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


    EB Cooper, T Bonnet, H Osmond, A Cockburn, LEB Kruuk. (2020) “Do the ages of parents or helpers affect offspring fitness in a cooperatively breeding bird?” Journal of Evolutionary Biology.


    EB Cooper, T Bonnet, H Osmond, A Cockburn, LEB Kruuk. (2020) “Ageing and senescence across reproductive traits and survival in superb fairy-wrens (Malurus cyaneus)” American Naturalist.


    S Nakagawa, AG Dunn, M Lagisz, A Bannach-Brown, EM Grames, A Sánchez-Tójar, RE O’Dea, DWA Noble, MJ Westgate, PA Arnold, S Barrrow, A Bethel, EB Cooper, YZ Foo, SR Geange, E Hennessy, W Mapanga, K Mengersen, C Munera, MJ Page, V Welch, NR Haddaway. (2020) “A new ecosystem for evidence synthesis” Nature Ecology & Evolution.


    EB Cooper, and LEB Kruuk. (2018) “Ageing with a silver‐spoon: A meta‐analysis of the effect of developmental environment on senescence” Evolution Letters.


    EB Cooper, RW Taylor, AD Kelley, AR Martinig, S Boutin, MM Humphries, B Dantzer, JE Lane, AG McAdam. (2017) “Personality is correlated with natal dispersal in North American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)” Behaviour.




    EB Cooper. (2020) “Digest: Indirect genetic effects of males on female reproductive traits in the wild” Evolution.


  • Christina Costa

    PhD candidate, 2018-present

    Co-Advised with Todd Disotell


    Contact Information

    e-mail: cec701@nyu.edu

    website: christinacosta.weebly.com


    Research Interests

    I am interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying non-human primate response to change and stress across the lifespan. My focus is on the genetic basis of gene regulation and relative contributions of epigenetic and environmental factors to differences in gene expression and its downstream biological consequences (immediate and long-term). Using functional genomics, I hope to identify genetic associations with regulatory phenotypes and variants mediating response to large natural disturbances like hurricanes, focusing on immune and stress response pathways, as well as age-associated processes.



    2018 B.S. Biology, B.A. Anthropology, Syracuse University


    Published Abstracts


    Fuchs, A. J., Kitrinos, C. and Costa, C. E. (2020) ‘The fifth annual Northeastern Evolutionary Primatologists meeting at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst’, Evolutionary Anthropology, 29(1), pp. 3–5.


    Costa, CE., Braun, DR., Matsuzawa, T., Carvalho, S., Almeida‐Warren, K. (2019). Water Sources and Tool Site Distributions: Hominins and Chimpanzees Compared (abstract). PaleoAnthropology.




  • Kandra Cruz

    PhD student, 2021-present


    Contact Information

    e-mail: kcruz@nyu.edu

    Research Interests

    I am interested in studying the mechanisms supporting energetically costly reproduction in primates and analyzing how different hormonal pathways are interacting and influencing life history trade offs between reproduction and maintenance in females.



    2020 B.A. Anthropology, B.A. Human Biology, Hunter College

  • Arthur Fernandes


    Postdoctoral Researcher, 2021-Present

    Co-Advised with Amanda Melin (University of Calgary)


    Contact Information

    e-mail: arthur.fernandes@ucalgary.ca

    Research Interests
    I am broadly interested in understanding the effects of aging and pathology on sensorial systems, mainly in terms of vision. As part of my current project, I am evaluating the vision characteristics of a free-ranging population of rhesus macaques in Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico, and closely following up those diagnosed with glaucoma in our baseline evaluation.



    2020 Ph.D. Visual Sciences and Ophthalmology, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

    2020 B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

    2016 M.P.H. Epidemiology, Tulane University, New Orleans/LA

    2008 B.S. Ophthalmic Technology, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


    Main Publications


    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


    Fernandes, A. G., Alves, M., Nascimento, R., Valdrighi, N. Y., de Almeida, R. C., & Nakano, C. T. (2021). Visual impairment and blindness in the Xingu Indigenous Park - Brazil. International Journal for Equity in Health20(1), 197.


    Fernandes, A. G., & Ferraz, N. N. (2021). The effects of amblyopia on children's reading performance after patching treatment. European Journal of Ophthalmology 1120672121998248.



    Fernandes, A. G., Berezovsky, A., Watanabe, S., Mitsuhiro, M., Cypel, M. C., Ferraz, N. N., Furtado, J. M., Sacai, P. Y., Muñoz, S., Cunha, C. C., Vasconcelos, G. C., Morales, P., Cohen, M. J., Cohen, J. M., Campos, M., Belfort, R., Jr, & Salomão, S. R. (2021). Prevalence of ocular findings regardless of visual acuity status in older adults from the Brazilian Amazon Region. Scientific Reports 11(1), 23710.


    Fernandes, A. G., Bastawrous, A., Ferraz, N. N., Hennig, B., Lima, V. L., Viana, R. G., Campos, M., & Furtado, J. M. (2020). Eye clinic attendance at the olympic and paralympic games Rio 2016 and its correlation to the WHO indicators on eye health. British Journal of Sports Medicine bjsports-2020-102706.


    Fernandes, A. G., Salomão, S. R., Ferraz, N. N., Mitsuhiro, M. H., Furtado, J. M., Muñoz, S., Cypel, M. C., Cunha, C. C., Vasconcelos, G. C., Sacai, P. Y., Morales, P. H., Cohen, M. J., Cohen, J. M., Watanabe, S. S., Campos, M., Belfort Junior, R., & Berezovsky, A. (2020). Pterygium in adults from the Brazilian Amazon Region: prevalence, visual status and refractive errors. The British Journal of Ophthalmology, 104(6), 757–763.


    Fernandes, A. G., Pollock, B. D., & Rabito, F. A. (2018). Retinoblastoma in the United States: A 40-Year Incidence and Survival Analysis. Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus 55(3), 182–188.


    Fernandes, A. G., Salomão, S. R., Pereira, J. M., & Berezovsky, A. (2016). Full-field electroretinogram recorded with skin electrodes in normal adults. Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia 79(6), 390–394.

  • Jessica Gunson


    PhD student, 2019-present


    Contact Information

    e-mail: jessica.gunson@nyu.edu

    website: jessicagunson.weebly.com

    twitter: @GunsonWildlife

    Research Interests

    I am broadly interested in sexual selection and sexual signaling. My research centers on the evolution of sexually selected traits, with a particular focus on sexual coloration. My current project involves investigating the coloration of sexual swellings in female Kinda baboons (Papio kindae).



    2016 B.S. Biology, University of Florida




    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


    Montgomery, T. M., Greenberg, J. R., Gunson, J. L., John, K., Laubach, Z. M., Nonnamaker, E., ... & Beehner, J. C. (2022). Measuring salivary cortisol in wild carnivores. Hormones and Behavior. 137:105082.


    Kitrinos, C. E., Fuchs, A. J., Claypool, C. G., Gunson, J. L., & Kamilar, J. M. (2021). Primatology at the last meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews. 30(4), 233-235.


    Other Publications


    Petersdorf, M., Weyher, A. H., Heistermann, M., Govaerts, A., Gunson, J. L., & Higham, J. P. (2021). Female Kinda baboon sexual signals are less accurate indicators of fertility. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 174: 84.

  • Laís A. A. Moreira

    PhD candidate (University of Calgary), 2017-present

    Co-Advised with Amanda Melin


    Contact Information

    e-mail: lais.pacheco@ucalgary.ca

    twitter: @lais_aa_moreira

    Research Interests

    My research interest is in visual and chemical communication in Platyrrhines.



    2013 M.A. Psycobiology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
    2010 B.A. Biology, Universidade de Brasília, Brazil




    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


    Moreira, L.A.A., Duytschaever, G., Higham, J.P., & Melin, A.D. 2019. Platyrrhine color signals: A whole New World, with new horizons to pursue. Evolutionary Anthropology In Press

    Moreira, L.A.A., de Oliveira, D.G.R., de Sousa, M.B.C., & Pessoa, D.M.A. 2015. Parturition signaling by visual cues in female marmosets (Callithrix jacchus). PLoS ONE 10(6): e0129319.

    Moreira L.A.A., Pessoa D.M.A., & Sousa, M.B.C. 2013. Socio-sexual communication: A review of the sensory modalities used by non-human primates. Oecologia Australis, 17, 113-129.


    Published abstracts


    Moreira, L.A.A., Pessoa, D.M.A., & Sousa, M.B.C. 2013. Chromatic signaling of reproductive condition in common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus). Sociedade Brasileira de Etologia.

    Moreira, L.A.A., Saletti P.G., Pessoa V.F., & Pessoa D.M.A. 2011. Detecção de variação cromática em genitálias de fêmeas de macaco-prego (Cebus libidinosus). Sociedade Brasileira de Primatologia.




  • Laura Newman

    PhD candidate, 2017-present


    Contact Information

    e-mail: laura.newman@nyu.edu

    twitter: @LauraNewman33

    Research Interests

    I am broadly interested in molecular changes that occur over the aging process, how sex and social integration modulate these changes, and the impact of these changes on phenotypic markers of aging. I am also interested in primate behavioral endocrinology, especially the relationship between stress, sociality, and health.



    2015 B.S. Biology, Boston College




    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


    Ballard, E. D., Waldman, L., Yarrington, J. S., Gerlus, N., Newman, L. E., Lee, L., Sparks, M., Liberty, V., Pao, M., Park, L., & Zarate, C. A. (2020). Neurobiological research with suicidal participants: A framework for investigators. General Hospital Psychiatry, 62, 43–48.


    Worley, N. B., Dumais, K. M., Yuan, J. C., Newman, L. E., Alonso, A. G., Gillespie, T. C., Hobbs, N.J., Breedlove, S. M., Jordan, C. L., Bredewold, R., & Veenema, A. H. (2019). Oestrogen and androgen receptor activation contribute to the masculinisation of oxytocin receptors in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of rats. Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 31(8), e12760.


    Richards, E. M., Zanotti-Fregonara, P., Fujita, M., Newman, L.E., Farmer, C., Ballard, E. D., ... & Henter, I. D. (2018). PET radioligand binding to translocator protein (TSPO) is increased in unmedicated depressed subjects. EJNMMI research, 8(1), 57.


    Park M., Newman L.E., Gold P.W., Luckenbaugh D.A., Yuan P., Machado-Vieira R., Zarate C.A. Jr. (2016). Change in Cytokine Levels is Not Associated with Antidepressant Response to Ketamine in Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression. The Journal of Psychiatric Research 84:113-118.


    Lucantonio F., Gardner M.P., Mirenzi A., Newman L.E., Takahashi Y.K., Schoenbaum G. (2015). Neural Estimates of Imagined Outcomes in Basolateral Amygdala Depend on Orbitofrontal Cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 35(50): 16521–16530.


    Book chapters and encyclopedia entries


    Newman, L. E., & Higham, J. P. (2019). Intrasexual Male Competition. In T. K. Shackelford & V. A. Weekes-Shackelford (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science (pp. 1–7). Springer International Publishing.


  • Sam Patterson


    Postdoctoral Researcher, 2021-present


    Contact Information

    e-mail: sam.patterson@nyu.edu

    website: samkpatterson.wordpress.com


    Research Interests

    I am broadly interested in the evolution of social behavior, development, and aging. More specifically, I am interested in how early life experiences impact developmental trajectories and contribute to variation in sociality, reproduction, survival, and aging health later in life.



    2021 Ph.D. Anthropology, Arizona State University

    2016 M.A. Anthropology, Arizona State University

    2013 B.S. (Honors) Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor




    Patterson, S.K., Hinde, K., Bond, A.B., Trumble, B.C., Strum, S.C., & Silk, J.B. Effects of early life adversity on maternal effort and glucocorticoids in wild olive baboons. (Accepted) Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.


    Patterson, S.K., Strum, S.C., & Silk, J.B. Resource competition shapes female-female aggression in olive baboons. (2021) Animal Behaviour,176: 23-41.


    Silk, J.B., Roberts, E.R, Barrett, B.J., Patterson, S.K., & Strum, S.C. Female-male relationships influence the form of female-female relationships in olive baboons, Papio anubis. (2017) Animal Behaviour, 131: 89-98.


    Sandel, A.A., Miller, J.A., Mitani, J.C., Nunn,C.L., Patterson, S.K., & Garamszegi, L.Z. Assessing sources of error in comparative analyses of primate behavior: intraspecific variation in group size and the social brain hypothesis. (2016) Journal of Human Evolution, 94: 126-133.


    Patterson, S. K., Sandel, A. A., Miller, J. A., & Mitani, J. C. Data quality and the comparative method: The case of primate group size. (2014) International Journal of Primatology: 1-14.


  • Amber Eliza Trujillo

    PhD candidate, 2016-present

    Co-Advised with Christina Bergey and Todd Disotell


    Contact Information

    e-mail: aet359@nyu.edu

    Research Interests

    I am interested in molecular mechanisms underlying the co-evolutionary relationship between primates and malaria. Combining comparative evolutionary and functional genomics and transcriptomics, my research is focused on characterizing the molecular immune response of primates (including humans) to malaria, and determining which differences may be adaptations to malaria-mediated selection.



    2020 M.Phil. Biological Anthropology, New York University
    2016 B.S. Biology, University of New Mexico






    Janiak, MC., Montague, MJ., Villamil, CI., Stock, MJ., Trujillo, AE., DePasquale, A., Orkin, J., Bauman Surratt, S., Gonzalez, O., Platt, ML., Martinez, M., Antón S., Dominguez-Bello, MG., Melin, AD., Higham, JP. 2021. Age and sex-associated variation in the multi-site microbiome of an entire social group of free-ranging rhesus macaques. Microbiome 9: 68


    Published Abstracts


    Trujillo, AE., Chaney, ME., Bergey, CM. (2020). Genomic sequence assembly for the malaria-like
    parasite Hepatocystis using primate whole genome sequencing datasets (abstract). American Journal of Physical Anthropologists.


    Bergey, CM., Trujillo, AE., Disotell, TR., Tosi, AJ., Burrell, AS. (2020) Genomics of adaptation, convergence, and evolutionary conservation in haplorrhine primates (abstract). American Journal of Physical Anthropologists.


    Janiak., MC, Montague, MJ., Villamil, C., Stock, MK., Trujillo, AE., DePasquale, A., Orkin, JD., Surrat, SEB.,
    Gonzalez, O., Platt, ML., Martinez, M., Antón, SC., Dominguez-Bello, G., Melin, AD., Higham, JP. (2020). Age-associated changes in the microbiome of rhesus macaques on Cayo Santiago (abstract). American Journal of Physical Anthropologists


    Trujillo, AE., Gilbert, CC. (2018). Craniometric variation and taxonomy in papionin monkeys: the case of Parapapio (abstract). American Journal of Physical Anthropologists.


    Book Chapters


    Trujillo, AE., Janiak, M., Naji, S., Disotell, TR. (in press). A comparative genetic analysis of acellular cementum. In Dental Cementum in Anthropology. Cambridge (England): Cambridge University Press

  • Cassandra Turcotte

    Postdoctoral Researcher, 2018-present


    Contact Information

    e-mail: ct1313@nyu.edu

    Research Interests

    Comparative and functional anatomy, musculoskeletal biology, digital imaging and microscopy, 3D modeling, muscle-bone attachment regions


    Current work: Relationships between soft tissue morphology and skeletal correlates in the rhesus macaques of Cayo Santiago. This post-doctoral position is focused on the reconstruction of soft tissue and life history variables from skeletal remains using the rhesus macaque population of Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico. This project collects antemortem somatometric and microbiome data for comparison against skeletonized tissues to assess the utility of forensic skeletal markers for the reconstruction of living behavior.


    2018 Ph.D. Human Paleobiology, George Washington University

    2012 B.A. Physical Anthropology and Geology, University of Pennsylvania




    Turcotte, C.M., Mann, E.H.J.*, Stock, M.K., Villamil, C.I., Montague, M.J., Dickinson, E., Bauman Surratt, S., Martinez, M., Williams, S.A., Antón, S.C. & Higham, J.P. The ontogeny of sexual dimorphism in free-ranging rhesus macaques. American Journal of Biological Anthropology In Press


    Diogo R, Potau JM, Pastor JF, de Paz FJ, Arias Martorell J, Turcotte C, Hammond A, Shearer B, Vereecke E, Vanhoof M, Nauwelaerts S and B Wood (2017) Photographic and Descriptive Musculoskeletal Atlas of Bonobos. 1st ed. Springer.

  • Susie Lee

    PhD alumna, 2013-2019


    Contact Information

    e-mail: susielee.on@gmail.com


    Current position: Research Associate, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

    Research Interests
    My long-term goal is to understand how, why and when attachment behaviors evolved in animals. For my doctoral study I focused on patterns of mother-infant relationships in non-human primates.



    2019 Ph.D. Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2016 M.A. Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2009 M.A. Anthropology, Seoul National University

    2005 B.A. Child Development & Anthropology, Seoul National University



    See Google Scholar for an up-to-date list of publications.

  • Sandra Winters

    PhD alumna, 2012-2019


    Contact Information

    e-mail: sandra.winters@nyu.edu

    website: link

    twitter: @SandraWinters22


    Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Bristol

    Research Interests

    For my dissertation I studied the form and function of guenon face patterns. Guenons are a group of forest monkeys in Africa that exhibit an extraordinary variety of colorful facial displays. Guenons often form polyspecfic groups in which up to six species live side by side, however hybridization between species, while possible, is rare in undisturbed circumstances. This indicates that there are likely pre-mating barriers to heterospecific mating; previous research in the lab has indicated that the face patterns exhibited by guenons are likely contributing to maintaining species boundaries and have been under selective pressures to diversify (i.e. there is evidence of character displacement in sympatric species groups). I extended this research using a variety of techniques, including computational recognition algorithms based on photographs of guenon faces, modeling of evolutionary scenarios, experiments to assess guenon preferences, and measurements of guenon behavior and ecology.



    2019 Ph.D. Biological Anthropology, New York University
    2015 M.A. Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2011 M.S. Primate Behavior, Central Washington University

    2008 B.S. Anthropology and Psychology, University of Maryland



    See https://camolab.com/members.php?s=winters for an up-to-date list of publications

  • Alex DeCasien

    PhD alumna, 2014-2021


    Contact Information

    e-mail: alex.decasien@gmail.com

    website: alex-decasien.strikingly.com

    twitter: @AlexDeCasien


    Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, NIMH Section on Developmental Neurogenomics

    Research Interests
    I am interested in how sexual selection has shaped primate cognitive evolution. Sex differences in behavior and cognitive abilities have been demonstrated in humans and non-human primates, but the specific neurobiological underpinnings of such differences remain unknown.


    2021 Ph.D Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2016 M.A. Biological Anthropology, New York University
    2014 B.S. Economics & Biological Anthropology, New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business



    See alex-decasien.strikingly.com for an up-to-date list of publications.

  • Megan Petersdorf

    PhD alumna, 2013-2021


    Contact Information

    e-mail: megan.d.petersdorf@durham.ac.uk

    web: meganpetersdorf.com

    twitter: @meganpetersdorf


    Current position: Lecturer in Evolutionary Anthropology, Durham University

    Research Interests
    My research is generally centered in sexual selection and communication. I am interested in understanding variation in sexually selected traits in primates and the evolution of mating system diversity. I address my research questions through a combination of behavioral observations of primates in the field with endocrinology, genetics, and digital measurements of morphology. For my PhD dissertation, I studied sexual selection in the little-known Kinda baboon at the Kasanka Baboon Project in Zambia.


    2021 Ph.D Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2016 M.A. Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2012 M.Res Primate Biology, Behavior, and Conservation, University of Roehampton

    2009 B.A. Biological Anthropology, University of California San Diego.



    See meganpetersdorf.com for an up-to-date list of publications.

  • Clare Kimock

    PhD alumna, 2015-2021

    Co-Advised with Shara Bailey


    Contact Information

    e-mail: clare.kimock@gmail.com

    website: clarekimock.strikingly.com

    twitter: @clare_kimock


    Current position: Research Fellow in Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

    Research Interests

    I am interested in the evolution of sexually dimorphic traits in primates and other mammals. For my dissertation, I studied the evolution and function of large male canine teeth in rhesus macaques from Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico. I integrated morphological, genetic, and behavioral data to better understand how variation in canine tooth size is produced and maintained.



    2021 Ph.D Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2015 M.A. Anthropology, George Washington University

    2013 B.A. Anthropology, American University



    See clarekimock.strikingly.com for an up-to-date list of publications.

  • Constance Dubuc

    Affiliated Researcher alumna, 2014-2021

    Postdoctoral Researcher, 2012-2014


    Contact Information

    e-mail: constance.dubuc@umontreal.ca


    See Google Scholar for an up-to-date list of publications.

  • Rachel Petersen

    PhD alumna, 2014-2021


    Contact Information

    e-mail: rachel.petersen@nyu.edu

    twitter: @rachpetersen

    Research Interests

    For my masters project I studied the relationship between sociality and fitness in the rhesus macaque through non-invasive markers of immune activation and HPA axis function. This research aimed to uncover the role of the immune and endocrine system in mediating the negative health consequences associated with low social integration. For my PhD dissertation, I am studying both pre- and post-copulatory mechanisms by which female primates bias paternity. Specifically, I am interested in mechanisms of cryptic female choice and exploring how sexual selection has acted on female physiology in order to better understand the co-evolution of reproductive strategies in male and female primates.


    2017 M.A. Biological Anthropology, New York University

    2013 B.S. Animal Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign




    See Google Scholar for an up-to-date list of publications.